It all started with one of Rosalie Yorkies four babies, Miley. In my eyes Miley was THE MOST PERFECT little pup. Then she had to tell me that Miley”s mom was having another litter, hence came Benji. It wasn’t long after that, when I was told me that Momma Teddi was due to have her last litter. It took a lot of convincing my husband, but I finally won.
Marilyn Keller
We love our pippa so much. Last year, I drove 11 hours on New Year’s Eve to pick her up at Rosalie Yorkies, arriving back home at 1 AM on New Year’s Day. I brought the new year by snuggling this little precious pup in the car. She had been so well socialized, never showing the first sign of anxiety or agitation on the way home or once she got to her new home.
Denise Carr
Over the last two decades, we have acquired four family members from Rosalie Yorkies, and every one has been a treasure. Each one has been unique and different, and I guarantee it came from great and loving breeders. I refer people to them all the time when they ask where I acquired four puppies. I have never received any negative comments or feedback from anyone.
Carol Hughes
As a fellow Yorkshire terrier breeder, there are very few people I would buy a Yorkie from or entrust with one of my Yorkies; however, Rosalie is top-notch, and I would not hesitate to buy a dog from her or sell a dog to her. I have been to her home, and I know how well taken care of and loved they are. Rosalie is extremely picky about where she places her Yorkies I wish more breeders had her breeding ethics.
Kathleen Turner
We bought Angel from you in late February 2022. I just wanted to share with you that she is a wonderful addition to our family. She is smart, very very sweet, happy happy and so loving. Her name is Remi Angel and she finally reached 5 lbs. we are so thrilled and in love with her. Thank you.
Joan Willis
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